Monday, 13 May 2013

May The Force Be With Yogis Challenge Day 11 ॐ

This was a day that it rained a LOT! 
I was putting my chances of going out to the side,
 because the sky was non stop of 
water and hailstones :( 
But them, the opportunity appeared 
at the end of the day .
Gear up me and my son, 
put the rain cover on the pram,
 roll the yoga mat
 and we wore off.
It was a looong walk and also did some shopping.
What a great warm up before Yoga.

I was surprised how easy it was the Bound boat Pose
for me! 
So Happy, just a shame i didn't took another photo from the other angle :(
(my son was crying, he loves the pram but when in movement)

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