Monday, 13 May 2013

Dress up Yoga ॐ

 While it was raining on Day 11,
 i still did yoga in the morning 
but with a twist 
JumpRopeQueen on instagram
 did a post to encourage
 people to try Any Yoga Pose during this week,
 in some regular clothes. 
So i tried Yoga 
with a dress and heels!!!
 This was the result .

 The white dress, 
just reminds me Marilyn Monroe . . .
   Headstand with legs variation,
 keeping my dress secure
 between my legs

                       And Upward Bow with dress and wedges
                                  (it was comfy with wedges)

      Here she is, rocking her 
cowboy boots in a 
handstand with Jeans!!!
   (click the photo to go to her instagram )

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