Sunday, 23 April 2017

I T' S N A T U R A L

 (originally posted first on my Yogasanity Instagram)

Status: Disconnected 

Saw a social experiment about breastfeeding and still can't believe how people would think that feeding your baby in public it's "disgusting "

Now that's what I call a really f.. up generation. 

I breastfeed my son till he started is first solids Around 7 months and if I could go back all keep breastfeeding at least till he reached one year mark. Because as soon he started formula milk constipation problems started when I was always problem free and with a very content baby. .

Now I wanted him to help me tidy up he's room but oh well I'm busy putting my mind together and he is the photographer 

Just wanted to get it out of my chest

Status: establishing re connection ..

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