Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Star Pose Challenge by Ayamihiroshige ॐ

This is Ayamihiroshige 
(from instagram) signature pose .
And i give it a try!
Can you see my face ?
This was me thinking
                      "why the phone is taking tooo looong
 to snap the photo??
 is 30 sec timer . . . 
come on!"
 Them the 
Big exhale . 
This is freaking hard!!!!!
But great for core
 and arms strength!
I was shaking, 
sweeting and 
feeling the BURN!!!!
Ouch ;)

Extra Photos


My expression of "trying too hard!!"

Concentration to look to my hand ufff 
Tomato face 

@Ayamihiroshige in Action

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