Tuesday, 14 May 2013

May The Force Be With Yogis Challenge Day 13 ॐ

Today was a big accomplishment .
(and scary at same time!!)

Forearm balance 
is something that for me,
is really hard to do. 
So my variation was always
 doing headstand
 instead of any type 
of forearm balance.

But since the pose, 
was with fingers interlaced,
 not palms on the floor ;
suddenly the pose looked easier .

Arms and shoulders was simple ,
 my body clicked quite fast
 and i was surprise
how fast things wore

After i felt the weight
 that i had to support on my forearms
and i was fine with it . . 

 It was time to do the Legs. . .
I was scared with the distance
 between the mat and the wall .

I had that feeling 
that i would bend all the way!! 
And i'm not that bendy

Little by little i 
was reaching the wall.
And changing the mat again
and reaching the wall. . .

After the challenge pose
 i tried with both legs on the wall 
oh boy it was to much weight 
and with the back bend,
 i had to put my core to work

to send me back
to the floor but i end up
 going to my right side. . .

That was what i consider
a Dangerous 

I've just done a quick exit!!
I was shaking a little but ok 

and Be Safe 
all try to do the

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